Hadrian's Wall Trail

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

If you like history as much as I do, you may have heard of the Roman Emporer Hadrian. He had this wall built in 122 AD, to separate the Roman Empire and the wilderness beyond. It stretches almost all the way across the country of Britain, from the River Tyne to Bowness-on-Solway, about 80 miles. The wall still exists today and is a World Heritage Site, so it's well maintained and taken care of for future generations.
So why did I just give you a mini history lesson on a wall of stone? Because you can hike the trail, the whole 80 miles, and I've wanted to do it for years.

My tentative plan is to make this trip next year. It still gets me kind of giddy just typing that. I'm looking at how much money I would need to save and different agencies that work with the Trail specifically. You can basically do as many miles as you want a day, but planning ahead or going with an agency means you can have reservations at B&B's or hostels or some hotels for every night of the trek. It is also possible to camp on the trail, but I don't plan to do that. I've never been much of a camper, even if I kind of wish I was.

I'm looking at doing an 8 day self guided trek, with 9 nights in a form of hotel or B&B. At the moment I'm planning on doing this trip alone unless something were to change in the next year and I would have someone I would like to go with. But I see this trek as a sort of personal growth thing for me, so I kind of want to do it alone.

One agency I'm looking at that has great reviews and a good accommodation package is Mickeldore. Included in the price are nightly accommodations, luggage transfer each day, 24-hour aid, and a few other things. I hadn't even considered not having to carry all of my things in a hiking bag until I started looking at agencies. It kind of feels like a cop-out to me, but why the heck would I carry everything if I could just carry what I needed for that day? And having an on-call staff is a nice security blanket if I do end up doing the trail all alone. 

This is a total dream trip to me, but one that is actually within grasp. As long as I can save up money for the plane ticket...

Love deeply xo

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